Thursday, December 02, 2004

The start of a new adventure.... in finance and possible stupidity.

Ok, After doing some thinking yesterday I decided to make my millions on ebay. After careful thought and consideration of new ways to make money on the net and setting aside some things for more consideration later (since lack of significant funds causes a pause before implementation), I settled on a tried and true method. Sell stuff on ebay. So I set up a paypal account, refamiliarized myself with the procedures for buying and selling on ebay, and signed up with a dropship wholesaler.

The dropshipper company is pretty nice actually. The prices are fantastic and selection is very good indeed. I did some crossreference checking of their prices versus average "Buy It Now" prices on ebay versus prices on amazon, and regular retailers, and The prices are good. So next I downloaded turbo lister and figure that should allow me to dump 40-50 auctions at a time. So all that's left is to confirm my paypal account and it'll be game on.

This should be fun. With any luck I should be able to pull in a decent amount of cash. My strategy will be this, maybe one or two auctions a day running for a week. so I shouldn't have to do anything with this on the weekends. Just pull my profits and smile.

Wish me luck.