Tuesday, March 02, 2004

So, Its march second and i should have my licsence back. But nope. I wish i had been a bit more concerned with the legalitites of driving. I've more or less always felt that driving was a skill and not so much something that should be liscensed, or if liscenced it should be on skill level. Nowe given i used to get nailed a lot, but it was five years ago or more, when i thought i was invincible and drove a lot more aggressively. I dont do that anymore. But i did let a lot of things slide over the years and now i have to get it straightened out. Apparently over the years i've acquired around 14 points. Also i apparently have been unliscenced for a while too. But, i've havent been pulled over in years.

So, now i'm stuck. I owe like 2 grand in surcharge payments, another hundred for a restoration fee, an outstanding balance for $620 from a court case that i forgot about, from a few years back, and a undisclosed amount to another court. All this just so i dont have to freak anymore when i see a cop behind me. The worse part is i rarely speed anymore (when i do drive), and i dont blatently break any laws.

Shit, I'm too old for this stuff. I've been driving for nearly 12 years and I'm honestly unsure of how much of it has been legally.

I know, your probably wondering if I dont get pulled over why bother? Well, here it is. I"m tired of getting arrested for stupid shit. The last 2 times i've been arrested i wasnt even driving. Once standing near a car, and the other i was sitting in a parked not running car talking on my cell phone cuz that was the only place i had reception. Bah. I"m not going to go into how i hate cops and all that jazz, as i'm sure its apparent. Also, i've been laid off by my company, had to give my company car back (yeah they gave me a car without asking if i was legit :D ) and need to get a car. Now here's the thing. No job, no money. I"m back home. I was given a car, but my dad is hip to my legal situation and won't insure it for me until I'm legal again. Here's the bitch of it all. I can't work without a car, without a job i cant make the cash to get legit. without being legit i can't drive. Catch 22.

I just need to win the lotto or something. Fix my issues quick.

Anyone want to hire an outta work web dev guy? I prog in CFMX, and SQL. I also have 5 years experience as a network tech and admin. Hell, I'm willing to paint your house for cash ;)


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