Monday, September 06, 2004

People are dumb.

I've been mulling over an article I read a few days ago. Apparently there's a school district not far from here that ran out of money for providing transportation of students. Anyone living more than 2.5 miles from school will get a ride, otherwise they have to walk. Sounds like a bad idea, until I put some thought into it. Whats wrong with walking a few miles to school? Since the 7th grade i decided not to depend on school transportation. I mean did you as a kid really love riding the bus? I didn't think so. I rode my bike considerabley farther than 2 miles to school. Not to sound like the old fart I'm becoming (christ am i really almost 30?) I rode my bike to and from school everyday, irregardless of weather, up and downhills in the snow rain whatever. I adapted to the ambient conditions and dressed warmly on cooler to facilitate my ride in comfort.

Now people are so concerned with their kids being nabbed and horrible things happening to them, "You never know what kind of crazy could come by and grab them" they say. But these concerns are unfounded, the media in the states (which calls itself accurate is a whole other topic of loathing) sensationalizes violence and crime. You always hear about this person got nabbed or that person got killed or some terror threat etc... When in actuallity the crime rate is lower than ever before. The terror threats refer to GW thinking he needs to scare us into keeping him in office, etc..

This is getting off topic so here i am comming back to the point. People dont want to admit that today kids are fatter and lazier than ever. This in part due to the fact that junk food is cheaper, the internet and computer games are holding there interest better. Walking a few mile to and from school would do these couch potatoes a world of good. If parents are scared of kids walking then give them bikes and buy good locks. Kids on bike arent grabbed as often simply because its a more difficult target and with the advent of cell phones with both cameras and gps (it still blows my mind that young kids have them, I got mine around 21 or so) built in it becomes infinately more dificult to grab kids without getting you photo taken or having the cops come by and ask for the kid back because the little bugger was smart enough to quickdial 911 with the phone in his pocket.

People need to use a bit more of the grey matter between their ears. And honestly, people need to realise their kids arent special their just kids. Sure you love them but who doesnt? Kids are very much like adults in that there may be a few exceptional ones but there are a whole lot of loser kids too. Darwinism should come into play again anyway, we've negated the point of evolution by coddling the children, the sick, and the elderly. Doesn't anyone remember survival of the fittest?

Screw it. The kid that swallows too many marbles shouldn't grow up to have kids of their own. Does it really sound so bad?


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