Friday, July 14, 2006


So it's been a while since posting last. Realized that when the going to reread the link in the last posting and realizing it's not there. Oh well.

I don't have anything really to say. My work situation has become interesting. I've sold a house, rented an apartment. My birthday passed with no real fan fare. It's basically been more of the same old stuff.

I went to Harrisburg PA for work last month. We busted our butts for a week, finished, and ended up driving home that friday. I got home around 3:30 ish (3.5 hour drive) only to get word at 6:30 the same night that I needed to go back. Apparently one of the NET guys had an issue in the family, and I was the only one that could cover the NET slack. So back to Harrisburg the next day. For another week.

Then this month it was out to NC. Unfortunately it was worked out that the travel day was the fourth of july. No bar-b-que for me. Since being here (NC) my team has done an unprecedented amount of work. Not another one of the teams since the beginning of fielding can claim to have come close to what we did here. But I'm not bragging, I'm more concerned with setting precedents on what can be accomplished, by either my team or any fielding team. We just happen to be on our game ;)

I sold my house on June 1. So for the 28 hours previous, I and a good friend of mine went crazy packing, moving and cleaning my old house. Then after a shower it was right to closing. Then asleep for 18 hours. Finally found an apartment though, moved in the 1st of july. Now if you noted in the last paragraph, I left on travel on the fourth. Yup that means when I catch my flight back tommorro I'm going to walk into my apartment and it looks like a tornado hit it. It's about 30% setup. So no relaxing for me. Oh well. As I always say, "No rest for the wicked".

My birthday passed on the 24th of june. No party, no fanfare. I just left for the weekend and got a nice hotel room so I wasn't sleeping on a couch during my birthday. I didn't even bother trying to pick anyone up. I just kinda wanted some peace and quiet.

So here I am. I catch my flight tommorro at 6 in the morning. That means I need to get to the airport by 4:30 or 5. No problem til you realized my hotel is 90 minutes from the airport. I may not sleep tonight as a matter of practicality. With the car turn in and the getting ready to go in the morning I'd need to get up around 2. Right around the time the bars close ;)so like I said. I may not sleep.

Aint my life fun?


Til next time.