Sunday, April 22, 2007

Current Gear.

It has occured to me that I take a lot of electronics with me when I travel and a lot of electronics accompany me on my daily routine. So I figured I'd put up a required equipment post so the world can see how much of a geek I am.

Daily gadgets.

In my Messenger Bag or on me.

1. Pioneer Inno XM Radio.

2. LG VX9800 "The V" cell phone. **Update** Helio Ocean Cell phone (It rocks)

3. MP3 watch (2gb, FM radio, voice recorder, removable storage)

3. iAudio M5 20gb mp3 player.

4. Plantronic bluetooth Headset

5. Toshiba E750 PDA with WiFi and Bluetooth.

6. Targus Wireless IR Keyboard.

7. Olympus 4.3 MP digital Camera.

8. Logitech Bluetooth Wireless headphones

9. JVC Portable Folding Behind the Head Headphones

10. 2.5mm to 3.5mm adapter.

11. Various USB Cables

In my car.

1. Roady XT XM Radio

2. Plenio VXA 2000 7" Display GPS Nav System

3. Off Brand Chinese In Dash DVD, MP3, MP4, CD, CD-RW Player with SD and USB

What I take on the road.

1. All of the items in my messengerbag list.

2. Virgin Boomtube VS0200 Portable Speakers

3. Acer Aspire 5050-3242 Laptop

4. 400GB HD in USB Enclosure **Update** 160 GB External. 400GB drive relegated to NAS Enclosure

5. Flashtrax XT 40GB

6. CF to XD Adapter

7. CF to SD Adapter

8. USB Flash Card Reader

9. Multiple Thumbdrives

10. VuPoint DV-DA1-VP 5MP Camera/VGA MP4 Camcorder.

11. Requisite Chargers for all of the Above.

Home Theatre System

1. XBOX modded with Xenium Ice chip and 120GB HD

2. XBOX360 Premium

3. Sony 550 Watt Home Theatre System

4. 46 inch Yamaha HD Projection TV.

5. Digital HD Cable Box.

6. Toshiba DVD Player. **Update** Removed to make space for XBOX360 on reciever.

7. Neuros MP4 recorder 2.


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