Wednesday, March 03, 2004

I hate my teeth. I'm n so much pain i'm thinking about cancelling my plans and medicating myself. Trouble is if I dont go out tonight i dont know how soon i'll be likely to be able to go out again. Maybe if i can get my hands on some more groovy painkillers i'll be ok. I think i'll continue to assume i can go, and hang with my good friend Terry, and her new roomate Tiffany. I gotta meet Tiff, she just seems like a card. Terry's awesome and i wish I could hang with her more, but with the liscence situation as it is, I can only go so often.

I dunno, I hate complaining but this shit hurts. And i'm good at dealing with pain. A 250 pound server fell on one of my fingers and crushed it so bad the fat that sits under your skin ended up pushed through the split in the skin. Looked like cauliflower. My friend who was there was stunned that I only cursed for a minute and was fine, irregardless of all the blood. Hell, I partied that night. So after the stitches we went for drinks and it was fine. But this, if it's making me consider not going out, is pretty bad. I mean it feels like the friggin tooth is impactedin such a way that instead of just comming out its pushing the other tooth out of my head in it attempt to breakthrough.

It really sucks. So Terry, if you see this and I dont come out tonight you'll know why.

It has nothing to do with the fact that I havent finished burning all the cd's for you yet ;)


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