Wednesday, September 08, 2004


So I have been sorta on and off working on a novel, and i can't seem to find the right rythm. So I've decided to shelve the project for now and write a book called "Blueprint for Utopia". It's planned to be a straight forward book of Rules to live by and an outline for creating a truly better world. At least thats the goal. I've become very disenchanted with the way we as a society act and operate, as a race even we've done some things fundamentally wrong. Even religion, which was created as fables to learn how to live peacefully and right, have become the very matters that cause the bloodiest wars and conflicts. We live in a time when religion should have lost its place as as a system by which you should have faith, and faith itself should be a fundamental part of our pyche, not in a imaginary figure like god, but in ourselves and in those around us to do the right thing.

I didnt mean for this to be a diatribe against religion and truly ,if it was, it would be a LOT longer. I just think it (my book) needs to be written. Trouble is I dont think anyone would read it and even if a major publisher was interested and it gets published it would just linger in the unused unseen philosophy section of Barnes and Nobles. But what the hell, it would be kinda nice to get the ideas out of my head and on paper so when people say "What are you thinking?" I could just hand them a copy.


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