Sunday, January 29, 2006

High Speed camera platform continued.

Just a few things to note about the rc10 this is based on. It used to run in the modified class. That means off road vehicles modified to run on the street.

Actual nuts and bolts spec on the car, my buddy would be in better position to mention and maybe I'll have him type something up soon. But in the mean while, Here's some things I found really cool.

1. Graphite chassis.
2. Carbon fiber engine mounts.
3. Kevlar belt drive system.
4. Titanium axles.
5. Ceramic differential bearings.
6. Aluminum wing custom built today.

And he built this around 10 years ago. Here are some clearer picture of it.

that's all for now. I need to cut the video together to show it off a bit. Should be in a few days. I'll update it here and in the make forums.


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