Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Gene Doping

Gene therapy for restoring muscle lost to age or disease is poised to enter the clinic, but elite athletes are eyeing it to enhance performance Can it be long before gene doping changes the nature of sport?

I've read a few articles pertaining to the future evolution of man and a excellent book called "Radical Evolution". This has always been a subject that has fascinated me. So imagine my surprise at reading an article on MSNBC called "Future of Evolution" and then finding the above atricle.

With the advent of viral genetic therapy to increase IGF-I (makes muscle) and inhibit myostatin (interferes with fat deposition), we may never have to work out again. A shot to increase muscle and another to drop fat. Professional sports won't be the same and the population in general (being vain) will suddenly become bigger and leaner.

I have more to write about, but in the mean time, enjoy these links and think about it.


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