Friday, March 05, 2004

This is going to be a very fanboy post. Deal with it.

Unbelievable. Just nosing around the net for fun decided to look up transformers on amazon. that ended up with me bouncing around the web lookiing for new toys, god I cant believe they've updated some g1 characters to modern cars, the new Optimus is amazing. given these arent cheap but damn. Tracks is a new vette, Camshaft is a mazda rx8, Hound is a jeep wrangler but a lot nicer than the original, silverstreak is now a suburu impreza WRX and prime is still a semi but looks like the toon now. Smoke screen is a nev viper.Check out some pics here. not all of them but still friggin cool.

I gotta say i thought thought and still kinda think that all the lines of the new stories kinda suck, i mean minicons? thats crap. Beast wars? Optimus Primal? Bah. Just transforming car, jets, and the occasional gestalt (ie: Devastator) are the originals. TRansforming animals are crap. the dinobots were cool because they looked like robots dinosaurs. I mean really, transformers shouldn't have fur. :)

And something else, apparently they're making a liveaction movie too. It could look like this...


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