Thursday, September 16, 2004

Stupid story....

Ok, I have a lot of ideas about how to do things and my intellect may be pretty formidable but I do have my blonde moments. Here is a recount of my most recent blonde moment.

I went to see "Resident Evil: Apocalypse" the othe night, thought it was pretty good and went home to watch the first resident evil for kicks. Well, at some point (I forget when) I happened to smell smoke. I thought this was odd but ignored it, after a few minutes I could no longer ingore it and looked around only to notice that my cigarette was in my hand and my leg was crossed and the pant leg happened to intersect with the cherry of my Marlboro Menthol. I jerked my hand with the cigarette away only to discover a glowing red dot on my pant leg. Instead of thinking I should put it out with my soda, I thought "Shit my legs on fire! I'm to put it out by blowing on it!". Well, I started to blow at my pant leg only to have the circle of embers glow even brighter and grow rapidly. Foregtting of course that my blowing was only supplying oxygen to the embers.

"AHHHH!" was my next thought as my leg was burnt by the embers of my jeans and my insistant blowing. Next I decided to start hitting it with my bare hand. Forgetting of course that my leg was still under it . So now I'm hitting a burning ember into my leg. "AHHH!" was my next rational thought and I stopped both hitting it and blowing it and finally decided to spill soda on my pant leg to put it out.

I ws sitting with much relief when I noticed my dad laughing at me, as he was watching the whole thing, while I was burning my leg for no good reason, with the understanding of someone who has done something similair and was annoyed at the time but gets the humor after the fact. Yup. I have my moments.

In my defense I will have to note that after the movie I went for a few beers. And had a few more before the incident. So maybe I can be excused for my idiocy by the fact I was well on my way to intoxication. But truthfully those that know me well know thats a load of dingos kidneys. I was just dumb. Oh well.


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