Saturday, March 06, 2004

So i had a strange dream last night. I was on top of a mayan pyramid in the jungle and it was gorgeous. With a hanglider. And I jumped off and flew across and around the jungle. Wow, it sounds silly to repeat, but i was stunned by the beauty of it all. Odd dream to have since I havent been to any mayan ruins or been hang gliding. But it was amazing, maybe it's something i'll have to do some day. Maybe go to the ruins, and go gliding. Though probably not at the same time. There are probably regulations against that kinda thing.

Though, I think i'll look up what the imagery in those dreams could mean. Gotta be better than the drowning in a tunnel dream i seem to keep happening. I dont even think I need to figure that one out, seems self explanatory to me.


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