Wednesday, November 17, 2004

mourning the death of intelligent government.

Welp, the election has come and gone. The misunderestimated man has actually won. Thankfully I did my part and so did the rest of the intelligent nation by making this one of the closest elections ever. Interesting find, that registered voters that never voted came out this year, also that the youth vote made up a substantial percentage of votes. Even better is that those previous groups mentioned voted against Bush. Mind you I dont think they voted for Kerry perse but voted for anyone who opposed Bush and what he stands for.

I think it's great that even those who cannot vote because they are too young are finding ways of making themselves heard on their displeasure at the outcome of this race. For me though the saddest part is this. The republicans have gained control of the government. It is truly a sad thing that those with those beleifs and stances control anything let alone this country.

In other news. My assignment ended and I can finally rest a bit. I've been putting in 75 hour weeks since this contract began (between working at Jersey Farms, and AT&T), and it ended yesterday. So today I finally got to sleep in. No alarm at 6:00. Nowhere to be. Finally. I'm still in pursuit of a real job, so I may leave the deli once and for all. But until I get a permanent job, I will continue to work at Jersey Farms along with whatever contracts I get. But I am taking a few days of rest before going back to full time at the deli. If I dont find a project by next week then i'll go back to full time then. But not before.


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