Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Pics of my projector project...

This is basically a long list of photos of my projector, with a few comments for kicks.

The initial parts

The victim

The first stages of building the enclosure

Condenser Lense in mount (made from fan guards)

The Cut Fresnels and tempered glass

Custom mount I made for the Overhead light source with condenser mounted.

Power switch and plug mounted

The Back after painting the inside

Inside painted, stage mounted

Parts placed roughly in place

Pics of lcd (now junked)

Cold Mirror Mount

In box

Let there be light (fully lit room, camera auto adjusted it that dark)

The box with doors on

Failed attempt to power lamp (kept popping bulb)

Fans mounted (2 top to suck air in, bottom to exhaust)

All buttoned up, just need to install front triplet and lcd.

TRiplet installed.

The stage inside all lit up.

The projection, up cloes and overview.

And a final shot with my cat for scale.
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Final thoughts. These were taken in daylight, so the image with an lcd shouls be very viewable in darkness. Though, by the quality of projection, you can see the issues with eyeballing everything. New enclosure to be built with proper measurements and real precision. This was a proof of concept.


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