Thursday, March 25, 2004

Club Ovation

Hey finally got some work, this is the new site i get to maintain. They're one of the biggest and hottest clubs for live shows in south florida. It's only like 100-200 a mnth, but that should pay my cell and storage bill yay! Check it out. Club Ovation

Monday, March 22, 2004

Kermit the Freak

Just found this. Mother nature smokes too much ;) Kermit the Freak

Saturday, March 13, 2004

Sunny FL.

So, its saturday and i got here yesterday. I'm currently in Orlando and trying to figure out how to get to Ft. Myers tommoro. I"m gonna be bouncing all over the place and this is my chance to rest. Dont expect another blog, but you never know. I may get to again ;)

Saturday, March 06, 2004

Dream Moods Dictionary: Words That Begin With P: "Pyramid

To see pyramids in your dream, signifies that many new and major changes will be occurring in a short amount of time. It is a symbol of longevity, stability, and a firm foundation.

To dream that you are climbing a pyramid, denotes that you will wander aimlessly for awhile before finding the gratification of your desires."

Dream Moods Dictionary: Words That Begin With H: "Hang Gliding

To dream that you are hang gliding, symbolizes freedom in your personal life. It also represents trust and believing in destiny.

To dream that you crash a hang glider, represents a loss in faith."

Hmm.... makes me wonder, will i be getting a job soon that will give me the abiolity to enjoy my freedom? I hope so.

Whoa, i'm not even going to post what the other dream means, thats scary. On the upside, I did manage to find a site that talks about dreams well. Click here to find out about your dreams.

So i had a strange dream last night. I was on top of a mayan pyramid in the jungle and it was gorgeous. With a hanglider. And I jumped off and flew across and around the jungle. Wow, it sounds silly to repeat, but i was stunned by the beauty of it all. Odd dream to have since I havent been to any mayan ruins or been hang gliding. But it was amazing, maybe it's something i'll have to do some day. Maybe go to the ruins, and go gliding. Though probably not at the same time. There are probably regulations against that kinda thing.

Though, I think i'll look up what the imagery in those dreams could mean. Gotta be better than the drowning in a tunnel dream i seem to keep happening. I dont even think I need to figure that one out, seems self explanatory to me.

Friday, March 05, 2004

This is going to be a very fanboy post. Deal with it.

Unbelievable. Just nosing around the net for fun decided to look up transformers on amazon. that ended up with me bouncing around the web lookiing for new toys, god I cant believe they've updated some g1 characters to modern cars, the new Optimus is amazing. given these arent cheap but damn. Tracks is a new vette, Camshaft is a mazda rx8, Hound is a jeep wrangler but a lot nicer than the original, silverstreak is now a suburu impreza WRX and prime is still a semi but looks like the toon now. Smoke screen is a nev viper.Check out some pics here. not all of them but still friggin cool.

I gotta say i thought thought and still kinda think that all the lines of the new stories kinda suck, i mean minicons? thats crap. Beast wars? Optimus Primal? Bah. Just transforming car, jets, and the occasional gestalt (ie: Devastator) are the originals. TRansforming animals are crap. the dinobots were cool because they looked like robots dinosaurs. I mean really, transformers shouldn't have fur. :)

And something else, apparently they're making a liveaction movie too. It could look like this...

Wednesday, March 03, 2004

interesting thing to note, its as fast to burn 4 cd's on a 32x CDRW than to burn 1 on a 8x CDRW. I never realized that before (duh). So, if your reading this Terry, I got those cd's burnt.

I love technology.

I'm half tempted to start logging the different search terms i use during the day. I figure it may be an interesting view into what i'm doing online. could be a pain to track that though. It bears thought.

I hate my teeth. I'm n so much pain i'm thinking about cancelling my plans and medicating myself. Trouble is if I dont go out tonight i dont know how soon i'll be likely to be able to go out again. Maybe if i can get my hands on some more groovy painkillers i'll be ok. I think i'll continue to assume i can go, and hang with my good friend Terry, and her new roomate Tiffany. I gotta meet Tiff, she just seems like a card. Terry's awesome and i wish I could hang with her more, but with the liscence situation as it is, I can only go so often.

I dunno, I hate complaining but this shit hurts. And i'm good at dealing with pain. A 250 pound server fell on one of my fingers and crushed it so bad the fat that sits under your skin ended up pushed through the split in the skin. Looked like cauliflower. My friend who was there was stunned that I only cursed for a minute and was fine, irregardless of all the blood. Hell, I partied that night. So after the stitches we went for drinks and it was fine. But this, if it's making me consider not going out, is pretty bad. I mean it feels like the friggin tooth is impactedin such a way that instead of just comming out its pushing the other tooth out of my head in it attempt to breakthrough.

It really sucks. So Terry, if you see this and I dont come out tonight you'll know why.

It has nothing to do with the fact that I havent finished burning all the cd's for you yet ;)

While surfing for info on wisdom teeth etc..... I found this 404 page. I love broken syadmins and web guys.

Tuesday, March 02, 2004

When i get some cash i seriously think this will be the car i buy. or at least one very similair. 1997 Ford Probe. Hell, guys gotta have goals right?

Heh, tylenol with codeine rocks.

Anyone know a free dentist btw? I got a massive toothache from my fifth wisdom tooth coming in. Yeah lucky me, my genetic anomaly causes pain. Couldn't it be a third testicle or something? At least that would be usefull.

So, Its march second and i should have my licsence back. But nope. I wish i had been a bit more concerned with the legalitites of driving. I've more or less always felt that driving was a skill and not so much something that should be liscensed, or if liscenced it should be on skill level. Nowe given i used to get nailed a lot, but it was five years ago or more, when i thought i was invincible and drove a lot more aggressively. I dont do that anymore. But i did let a lot of things slide over the years and now i have to get it straightened out. Apparently over the years i've acquired around 14 points. Also i apparently have been unliscenced for a while too. But, i've havent been pulled over in years.

So, now i'm stuck. I owe like 2 grand in surcharge payments, another hundred for a restoration fee, an outstanding balance for $620 from a court case that i forgot about, from a few years back, and a undisclosed amount to another court. All this just so i dont have to freak anymore when i see a cop behind me. The worse part is i rarely speed anymore (when i do drive), and i dont blatently break any laws.

Shit, I'm too old for this stuff. I've been driving for nearly 12 years and I'm honestly unsure of how much of it has been legally.

I know, your probably wondering if I dont get pulled over why bother? Well, here it is. I"m tired of getting arrested for stupid shit. The last 2 times i've been arrested i wasnt even driving. Once standing near a car, and the other i was sitting in a parked not running car talking on my cell phone cuz that was the only place i had reception. Bah. I"m not going to go into how i hate cops and all that jazz, as i'm sure its apparent. Also, i've been laid off by my company, had to give my company car back (yeah they gave me a car without asking if i was legit :D ) and need to get a car. Now here's the thing. No job, no money. I"m back home. I was given a car, but my dad is hip to my legal situation and won't insure it for me until I'm legal again. Here's the bitch of it all. I can't work without a car, without a job i cant make the cash to get legit. without being legit i can't drive. Catch 22.

I just need to win the lotto or something. Fix my issues quick.

Anyone want to hire an outta work web dev guy? I prog in CFMX, and SQL. I also have 5 years experience as a network tech and admin. Hell, I'm willing to paint your house for cash ;)