Thursday, January 06, 2005

Happy new years all.

Welp, so far this has been a doozy of a new year. My tranny exploded, and my car has been in the shop since thw 27th. On top of that the lovely warrantee that was supposedly has a 100 dollar deductible (ie if anything breaks, i pay at most a hundred bucks), this repair is only gonna cost me $700 or so. They are only paying $500. They suck, it was that or pay 1200 and have my car back a lot sooner but they wouldnt have covered it. so I'm up the proverbial creek.

But wait! There's more!

One of the few women I have loved got engaged the day she was supposed to come over and "hang out" with me. I still don't know how to feel abnout that. At first I was devastated and tried to seed doubt about it, only to find out it was already there and that she wanted me back.So we plan and arrange a way for her to get out of there and be here. That was 2 weeks ago. Still hasn't happened. Fuck it. My heart says one thing but not as loudly as it has in the past, I guess I"ve been burned to many times. At this point she can stay in the dead end relationship get married etc... Figure that the worse case scenario is she gets married and has a kid or 2. I'll still have the ability to sleep with her whenever i want so what am i really out? And in all truth, The marraige won't last 2 years tops.

But something good did happen over the holidays. I got a kitten. A little slice of heaven to soothe the savage beat in me. She's adorable. Best kind of female to have in your life, no mind games, happy to see me when i get home, sleeps with me everynight, and leaves me alone to do my work and get things done. The only downside it the litter box, apart from a few tampon issues with women, You dont have to deal with most bodily functions in a physical way. Small tradeoff i think.

Hope everyone out there has had a good new years and isnt still hung over.


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