Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Turnin over a new leaf.

I'll probably look back on this post and think i was outta my mind but here goes.

I've done a bit of thinking, about my state of health and my age. I may look like I'm only 22-24 but the truth is I'll be 30 this year. I enjoyed abusing myself with drinking, smoking, not exercising, and other recreational pharmacuticals. Troublwe is i don't recover that quickly anymore. So after some thought, I've decided to quit drinking during the week, smoking, and start working out again. I have 15 cigarettes left and then its over. I apologise to everyone in advance, cuz i know I'm gonna be a bit of a tiger for a few days. then things should settle down.

I figure that without working out i'll drop maybe 1-2 pounds a week by stopping drinking. each night i have 3-4 beers before going to bed. each beer has around 150 calorise. so at 600 extra calories a day times 5 days a week thats around 3000 calories. about the equivalent of 3 pounds of fat. Combine that with my newly purchased gym membership, i think i'm going to slim down quickly. and use the existing fat stores (yeah, i got a gut) to help building muscle.

Wish me luck.


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