Monday, April 18, 2005

Trenton Computer Festival...

Well, yesterday was a fantastic day for strolling around the outside swap meet of the trenton computer festival outdoor swap meet. Sun, air, and computer parts as far as the eye can see. The perfect day for impulse buying.

I bought a Davis Powerbeam VM dlp projector, and a Compaq Armada 1120 laptop.

The catch is this, the laptop has no ac adapter but was assured it works. Hard to find any specs on it but the adapters are plentiful. The projector, well, has issues. Turn it on and it fires up for about 3 seconds then the lamp turns off. No I woulda been fine with the lamp not powering at all. Cus then it would be a matter of buying a bulb and rocking and rolling. however the bulb works. Now it come down to a bunch of hardware testing and fixing the frickin thing. I'm just afraid it's going to cause me to divert the energy of building my own pj into fixing this one. I'm almost done with mine, just need to build some mirror mounts and wire it up.

So yup. I spent all my disposable income on hardware that I cant use yet. So I wait til next weekend when i get paid again. Yay. Maybe i'll work on my pj instead of messing with this one. I mean mine is gonna be pretty sweet, plus I get to say i built it from scratch, as opposed to I fixed a broken pj i got from some russians at a show.

I think saying i built it is cooler. But damnit if i cant stop messing with the broken one.


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